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After getting production done, we are capable also to deliver you.
Depending on the project, we have to deliver straight to you or we can also keep some safety stock for renewable items like mannequins, hangers etc.

Having a 1200sqm in our own HQ in China, and also a gigantic warehouse in Amsterdam, we can keep your products in a safe and easy way.

Booma isn't a logistic company but we do work with some of the best shipping agent, we can also use your agents. You are free to choose and we will be happy to help you if you need us, otherwise, as those agents are our partners, we do give you full transparency and let you deal with them.

We work also in different solutions to always give you the best services:
-Bulk Delivery: We deliver to your destination in fully bulk containers
-Pick&Pack: We deliver already prepaired SKUs in order for you to win time and money on your destination place
-Store Delivery: We can also deliver pallets or products directly to your stores, it gives you a more expensive cost for shipping but can save you a lot of time and money on external shipping

Having it received at stores, we can help you with installations thanks to our partners that are specialised in it.


Having a HQ office of 3600sqm helps. We have a dedicated 1200sqm for warehousing directly in our secured building. 
This allows us to keep in stock some special orders, do 
pick&pack, special mounting, QC etc.
Also, we do got other warehouses in Europe and could get quarters orders and deliver them store by store with a safety stock too.


Not having our boats yet, we are working with partners since years now and got special relationship with some shipping lines.
This permit us to
find space 3 days before Chinese New Year, or to have faster delivery process done.

We let you work with our partners, or  we work also with your dedicated agent, it is again, up to you.


We prepair documents, manuals and even sometimes videos to help installers do their greatness.

A bit same as for shipping, we do have partners for installation and we do sometimes the installation even by ourselves for very specific projects.
this is not something common and usually we work closely with your local installaters to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Having a HQ office of 3600sqm helpsWe have a dedicated 1200sqm for warehousing directly in our secured building.
allows us to keep in stock some special orders, do pick&pack, special mounting, QC etc.
Also, we do got other warehouses in Europe and could get quarters orders and deliver them store by store with a safety stock too.