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The Booma Group, founded in 2008, offers retail solutions for multiple divisions of the world's most influential brands and retailers.

We are experts when it comes to architecture, window and marketing-driven initiatives.

Our dedicated staff is trained to advise you in your needs, whether it’s in relation to a design, project management, products or transport.

With multiple offices worldwide, our local and international team of experts is always ready for you to let your ultimate project come to life. They are able to source or deliver the best products and services for you.

By combining European standards and creative skills with our headquarters in China, responsible for managing manufacturing processes, we are regarded by our clients as the perfect partner for their retail projects and initiatives.

Through years of design and material knowledge, our current customers experience that we not only achieve their needs but also can perform above expectations.

We treat each project with the same enthusiasm and dedication, regardless of which division and see challenges in any size and quality level.

We think in possibilities, alternatives and solutions, whether you belong to a fashion, luxury, sports, jewellery or cosmetics brand.

We believe that we understand the needs of the world's leading retail brands, enabling us to offer inspirational solutions for every budget level.


This is our mission, this is our goal, this is our DNA.

This is Booma...